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Wellspring Financial

The combination of motion graphics and video is a powerful way to get your message out clearly and effectively. Take a peak at what we just finished for Wellspring Financial.


The financial journey is similar to a mountaineering expedition. People know to prepare on the way up, or saving for retirement. However, most people forget to prepare for the way down, or life after retirement.

Wellspring Financial serves as a knowledgeable guide, giving you a better chance for safety and success during your entire financial journey.

Think of them as your “Financial Sherpa.”

Charter Oak CrossFit

We had the pleasure to help create the identity of the Charter Oak CrossFit gym in East Hartford, CT. Working with the gym’s color scheme, name, and culture, we developed the logo, website, and marketing video.


We developed a custom website that integrated seamlessly with “Wodify,” which is a CrossFit digital whiteboard system that registers athletes for class, records WOD results and remembers past performance.


It was a challenge to create a logo with a “gym” feel, while keeping the authentic and rich history of the Charter Oak, after which the gym is named.



If  you’re interested in joining the Charter Oak CrossFit team, visit their website today:

Charter Oak CrossFit

Rock Your Locker

Rock Your Locker LLC lets you design professional, high quality, custom locker magnets, that fit your locker perfectly.


Stanimal gave Rock Your Locker a “refresh” to better fit their target audience. This included designing a new logo, a functional website with product designer, stationery, and marketing videos.



Visit Rock Your Locker today:

Sunrise Real Estate Marketing Video

Sunrise Real Estate helps burdened property owners get rid of a property on terms that work for them, saving the seller from the stress of uncertainty or financial pressures that come with waiting for a house to sell while it’s on the market.


Stanimal was responsible for Sunrise Real Estate’s logo, website, and marketing video.


Visit Sunrise Real Estate today for more real estate information.